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Products We Offer

Healthcare Cash Advance (HCA)

This product is for medical professionals that accept insurance as payment from clients (medical doctors, physical therapists, home healthcare professionals, etc..)

How It Works

We provide access to working capital that can be used for anything business-related. We remit payment as a percentage of your insurance receivables. Your payments coincide with your insurance receivables; this means you pay us back with the flow of your business.

Standard Advance (ACH)

This product is for all businesses associated with the healthcare/medical industry.This product is for all businesses associated with the helhelhelhelhelhelhelhel

How It Works

We provide your business with access to working capital and you pay us back a pre-determined dollar amount on a daily or weekly basis. This product is fully automated and has the most flexibility. Term ranges from 3-18 months and maximum funding amount is $1.5M.

Credit Facility (CF)

This product is for well established businesses who are looking to obtain funds in large volume. The credit facility can be used over a period of time & doesn’t need to be used in full.

How It Works

We provide your business with access to a large line of credit that can be used for anything related to the business. You  have the freedom to draw down the funds whenever you need them. The typical term can range from 12-60 months.

About Us

Rx Capital Funding provides medical industry related businesses access to financial products and solutions that can be used for any business-related matter. We started the company with a focus on superior customer service, and a focus on specific problems that directly relate to the healthcare field.
Our goal is to provide our clients with access to funding that they deserve in an easy, simple, and straight-forward manner. Together with our reputable partners we have been able to provide our clients with working capital that can be used for anything pertaining to their business; whether it be for purchasing equipment, working capital due to ICD-10 delayed payments, advertising, acquisitions, or even paying off previous operating expenses.
We are a modern company, with a modern perspective. Unlike a bank, we do not ask for hours of paperwork, nor do we require a business plan. OUR business model is based on the revenues of YOUR business.
Our business model has options for all types of businesses; whether you are a Doctor, Home Healthcare Professional, Medical Imaging Lab, or are affiliated with the medical industry we will help find a financial solution for your business.
Credit scores are an outdated benchmark to determine how much your business should receive in funding. Too many times have business owners gotten rejected from banks due to their credit scores, even though their business is showing consistent revenues and consistent cash flow. We at Rx Capital Funding believe your performance should be your benchmark. During the underwriting process we use your business’ cash flows & bank balances as a predominant measure to qualify your business, not your credit score.

How We Operate

We pride ourselves in being modern and providing a service that is so fast and simple that you will not jeopardize your daily responsibilities by starting this funding process with us. In an internet driven world we believe that you should be able to apply for working capital online and not have to deal with hours of paperwork. Therefore, we offer an online application that streamlines the process of obtaining funds.

3-Step Process


Fill The required Information.


Upload your previous 4 business bank statements that would accurately show all of your business’ revenues.


Click to submit.

Who We Serve

We serve ALL businesses that are related to the healthcare/medical industry.

Listed below are examples of business/medical professionals that we serve.

Medical doctors

Medical Doctors

Medical marijuana dispensaries

Home Healthcare Businesses


Medical Imaging Labs


Medical Device Supplierss

Athletic trainers

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Home healthcare businesses



Testing Labs

Speech pathologists


Medical imaging labs


Testing labs

Speech Pathologists

Dental hygienists

Dental Hygienists



Medical device sellers



Athletic Trainers



Rehab centers

Rehab Centers 

Apply Now

Rx Capital Funding allows prospective businesses to apply online, via phone, via fax, or email.

For those prospects that want to apply online, complete the 3-steps below.

If you would like to speak to a representative and discuss your options on the phone please call 203-437-6007.

All information submitted will not be shared with any 3rd party and will be erased upon request by the applicant.

We respect your privacy.

Contact Us

Rx Capital Funding looks forward to hearing from you! To discuss our products and how we can serve you please use the information listed below to contact us at your convenience.
If you currently have an account with Rx Capital Funding and would like to discuss account-related topics please call 203-437-6007
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